WordPress – Easy Writing Tips

WordPress – Easy Writing Tips

WordPress blogs have proven reliable at growing a business’s online presence.

WordPress is the best place to gain and serve potential customers, while greatly expand your SEO.  With wordpress blogs as any website, you need text content.

We all have have a hard time sitting down and writing a cohesive and informative blog post.  I avoid it and procrastinate writing the 500+ word articles like they are this huge, insurmountable project.  When I finally sit down to do it, I forget what I was going to write about.  Half way through, I’ll get up and make make a sandwich or sometimes find other urgent tasks to complete like cleaning up my son’s Nerf darts strewn around the house.  So you can see, it’s a challenge.  Thankfully there are techniques to making fast, informative and easy blog posts.

Techniques to pound out WordPress posts for awesome Web Design and SEO

1.  Dictation – It’s so much less of a motivational hurdle to speak about something than write it.  We all like to talk!   So, why not speak your post into your phone or a microphone.  You can transcribe the audio afterwards or have it done automatically.   My favorite method of dictating blog posts is through the WordPress App for phones.  I simply download the WordPress application  to my phone(it’s free). Then I open the app, select a new post and use the stock keyboard speech transcriber on my Android and then speak my blog post.    And voila, I have my post.    This works for Iphones as well.

Another phone app to use for this is Voicebase.   This app will automatically upload your speech to their cloud database and seperate out the keywords for you.  Voicebase offers free computer transcription(faint checkbox on bottom right on the sound files page), or the offer human transcription for a small fee.   The majority of this post was spoken into my phone and converted automatically.  I simply did some editing and was finished.

2.  Free Writing – This is a relaxing, fun and surefire way to get your blog posts done.  Free writing has two simple steps.

1. Sit down(this is the hardest part)

2.  Write or type non stop for 15 minutes.


  • Do not make corrections as you write.
  • Keep writing, even if you have to write something like, “I don’t know what to write.”
  • Write whatever comes into your mind.
  • Do not judge or censor what you are writing.

After you free writing session you will be feeling good and confident.   The hard part’s done.   Now, take some time to carve up, edit and use some information for future posts.

3.  Hire a Writer

You can get high quality and relevant articles written for you, by professional writers in your Niche.   Be sure to give some examples and guidance to the writers when ordering articles.

After your text is finished,  you just have to find a good featured image for your blog post and you are done.   All blogs need a good, quality relative photo and make sure you SEO your photo with alt text.

Remember, you can’t have a website without a Blog, it just won’t work nowadays.  It’s key for Website Design and SEO

Hope that helps.  Let me know if this sounds crazy, or write your tips below.

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