Copywriting 101

Copywriting 101

Writing web copy or sales pages is part Art, and part Science. With the best copywriters spending an entire day crafting a single headline, and hauling in $30,000 bounties for one page of work, it’s evident that copy can not only make a campaign, but send it into outer space.

Here are the basics of writing great copy:


The Headline:

Headlines should read like editorials, not ads.  Remeber, you are in direct competition for attention, people’s time on the internet.You should be informing the reader at this point, not selling anything.  There shouldn’t be a chance to buy anything…yet.   You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here,a nd can reverse engineer what the big ad agencies are doing.  For instance, everytime I pass a magazine rack, I look at the titles and headlines.   The number 5,7, and 10 are popular.   “5 ways to slim down this summer.”

Also, buzz words like Gain, Win, Love…words that strike emotion.   If you need help with that, here a great list of Emotional Words.  Also, use “quotations” and provide hidden benefits, ie. this “could” give you more clients than you can handle.  Self empowering headlines are effective too, ie. “Name Your Price”, “Protect your Family Now”.

Does the headline stop the reader dead in his tracks?

Does the headline read like an interesting editorial — instead of an ad?


The Problem:


Copy best converts when written at a 5-7 grade level.  Don’t think of using fancy words, more simple the better.  Write in first person, I/You.  And, don’t make an offer yet.

So here, you want to remind or inform people why they are here and what the problem is.  This is the framing.

“You’re reading this because fortunes can be made with good copy and you want to learn the tips that will make you a good copywriter in no time.  The problem is, copywriting is not an innate talent and must be learned.  Most people aren’t born copywriters.”

You also want to frame the effects that the problem has.  For instance, “poor copy yields disappointing conversions and slow sales.   Essentially robbing you of deserving profits for your hard work in other areas.”

You can also state here why the problem hasn’t been solved.   This leads into the solution.   “Until now, no one has collected metrics on the copy that works.”

Was emotion injected into the body copy? Is the body copy built upon proven emotional drivers such as anger, exclusivity, fear, greed, guilt, curiosity, etc.?




This is how you can help.  Explain how the problem has been solved and what solving the problem will do for them.  This can be highlighted in direct benefits.  Here are a few essential human needs/motivators  to get started with:

  • Avoidance of Pain
  • Pleasure
  • Status in Community

So, you need to frame the solution towards these basic, caveman/cavewoman needs and desires.  There’s a whole slew of these needs, depending who you ask.

So, let’s bend our copywriting example to address those needs with benefits:

“You’ll be a star copywriter so that people will be sharing your content all over the web” – Status

“You’ll write compelling copy with ease and joy” – Pleasure/avoidance of pain

Does the web copy employ mouth-watering bullets? Do the bullets first state the benefit that the reader will receive, followed up with either: 1) a brief scenario of how their life will change when they get that benefit; or 2) an injection of emotion, drama or intrigue that elevates the desirability of that benefit? 

Does the web copy convince the reader that no other product or service can compare to the one that’s being sold on the website?

Now you can make your offer, or sales pitch.   


Call to Action:


Here, you aren’t really selling.  It’s the next logical step after you explain the solution to their problem.  So make it easy, simple…pain free to buy your product.  Money Back Guarantee relieves people of risk.  Amazon spent millions on their 1-click purchase system…why?  Because people like things done for them.  “I want to relieve my pain the easiest way possible”.

So, tell folks what to do, there should be no room for decision…decisions are work.  Make it easy.

“If you want to a sought after copywriter where you customer’s can’t help but fall in love with your product, then make this one click and Transform Your Business NOW.”


Other Resources:

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An amazing list of questions and formula to Mathematically rate your web copy!  Check it out.

You are doing more than informing…you are communicating.  Rise above the noise of information.   Information is giving out, communication is getting through.


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