Increasing Traffic for Floods of Online Sales

Increasing Traffic for Floods of Online Sales

Need More Website Visitors and Traffic?

If You are already getting Traffic, it’s time Turn it up!

How I provide Results – I turn up the traffic >>> Your website gets a flood of new action.

Truth is, there’s no one size fits all solution for traff, just slice high quality, strategic slicing and dicing to BOOST RANKINGS which has allowed me to

Double a client’s business in a short 3 months:




If you already have existing  web assets, like a website and social media page, you can boost traffic with adjustments like a special Youtube annotated link which I did here to boost traffic by 3x++

Learn how to make Annotated links and drive traffic from Youtube here.

On Page Optimization led to 2x Traffic and 2x Business for this Site



Another Tactic is some expert on Page SEO, using competitive research to optimize your site.

Modifying a setting on an existing social media asset or apply some basic On Page SEO can provide immediate results for your bottom line and sales.

How About a Conversion Rate Bump!


The site above went from 20% to 75% Conversion increase on optins.



Photo Closeup




Also, Conversion and Customer Acquisition Cost reduction is important for many businesses.  I do this by meticulously optimizing Adwords, Facebook and Pinterest Campaigns with a strategy applicable to your campaign.

You need an existing funnel that is working.  That simply Means, your website is getting sales and leads already.   You can have your cost per customer greatly reduced which will allow you to focus on ramping up traffic, then voila!  It’s a tidal wave of new leads.

Just ask this customer who went from zero leads online to DAILY Leads, and these are big transactions.

That’s Targeted Traffic.


I turn up the traffic >>> Your sales funnel gets a flood of new action.

I never stick to any SEO forumula, just slice high quality, strategic slicing and dicing to BOOST RANKINGS whichhas allowed me to

Double a client’s business in a short 3 months:


Would you like my help for Free?

I love to look “under the hood” of websites, and tune them into lead and sales generating machines.

All businesses and websites are options for my services, but it really helps if you have digital assets already(social media sites, website).  If you have an ecom store, I love you and want to help.

Once wrote copy that increased sales conversion rate 2x on a $1500 product, generating nearly $900k in annual revenue.  I also maintained SEO and run paid advertising for that product.

And, Oh, yeah, I don’t want you to pay me at first.  Let’s get a plan towards increasing your sales so that any extra fees, including advertising pay for themselves.

Yes, we may have to talk about ROI…to Make sure Your marketing is Paying off Bigtime

Hey I know we just met, but…Can I See Your Analytics??

Seriously, that’s a good place to start.  Let me know if I can take a look at some of your conversion analytics to see how I can help to get immediate and long lasting results for your sales funnels.

Send me an email here to make a free plan regarding your website conversions and analytics:

Feel Free to Ask Questions in the Comments Below, and Share with People who might find this of value!

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