Want More Sales and Happy Customers?

Want More Sales and Happy Customers?

If you are in fact, ready to scale your business, you may be able to do that quickly using the latest Internet Marketing Techniques in Web Design, PPC, SEO and retargeting.  Driving more website visitors and customers can be as simple as annotated links in Youtube or a Value driven email series.   I’ll get into those in a second, but…

Before I get carried away, let’s get this introduction out of the way.

Hi, I’m Jason Jelonek, the Website Optimization Specialist and all around guy that Gets Things Done.

I’ve played a key role in many businesses’s success by driving leads and sales with Cutting Edge WordPress Design, SEO, PPC and Sales Copy.

Businesses ranged from software to centrifuges to homes, and these businesses experienced a 2x,3x even 4x+ growth within a few months.

“Can it work for Me?”

First you need a product or service that is useful, and people find valuable.

And it also really helps if you have a website and social media site, but that’s not critical.  The proverbial ball will roll further if there is momentum already.

Having some some traffic going already helpful!

Even if you have been flying blind with marketing for years, especially, we can make a few changes and see massive results.

The more traffic you have going, the bigger the results.

If you don’t have traffic?

What’s up with that?   I’ve Been There.

It’s some leg work to promote your website and get it going.   I can help you with that.   If you are more of a DIY, feel free to use me as an internet coach or mentor…Contact Me with the form on the right and ask for my Social Media Guides I made about how to drive traffic from social media.  I’ll send you other key marketing intel as well.

Want More Traffic?

Here’s the trick to and pay a fraction of the net revenue produced:

Optimize Your Traffic and Pages(Websites, Social, Etc)

They work together!

A poor converting site(no call to action, optin form, useful content, bad design) will not help you even with the best honey traffic out there.

And bad traffic won’t convert!  So many people give up after buying junk traffic from fivver, or mobile game apps.

Knowing that is key to playing the SEO and PPC Game!  A very lucrative game when you succeed.

You have to look at your entire sales process, from the time someone first sees your logo, to the time you are saying thanks for your business.

And when you track that entire process, from start to finish(Advertisement, Click and Sale), you can look at your Funnel and make adjustments that make you $$

That sounds BIG, and it is.   But, if you have traffic going, you already have a sales funnel!  It’ just needs refinement and optimizing, possibly by someone who enjoys pouring over numbers in Adwords and spends more time in the advertising portal in facebook than in their news feed.

Keys to Success:

  • keys_to_seo_successHigh End Tracking: Install and analyze sales process metrics for data and optimization, saving you money
  • Website Optimization – Good sales copy, Calls to Action and properly positioned optin forms and split testing will boost leads and sales
  • Traffic – Traffic Optimization – Refine traffic that is working, ramp it up

Would you like to see specifically how this can work in your business?

Let’s talk and see if we can make a plan.  

Please call or email to schedule a Strategy Session.

The great thing is, I won’t charge for the strategy session and you’ll come some key insights on how to scale your online efforts..

If you like the plan and want me to implement it, I do have to charge a fee, but it will be a fraction of the revenue generated and how your business and life changes.

This stuff works!



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