Best Phone Systems for Business and Online Customer Service

Best Phone Systems for Business and Online Customer Service

All businesses need to have a phone number, especially online.  It adds needed trust and credibility, if only to let people know you there is a human behind the screen.   Most of us enjoy speaking with customers and require a way for us to contact us or our employees via phone.     Now, it’s never a good idea to post your cell or home phone number online.   Here are some viable options for setting up an online business phone system.

Option #1 for Business Phone or Online Customer Service

Buy a dedicated business phone($100+) and call up comcast or your local phone provider.   Pay the $50+/month for service and  and plug that old wire  into a jack and have calls routed to your desk.   This is a very basic system without sequencing, call forwarding etc.

Option #2 for Business Phone or Online Customer Service

Setup a virtual phone system, an excellent idea for any business or Online Customer Service.   I know what you’re thinking, virtual cannot be as good as the real deal, a hard line connected to my desk.  Well, the truth is that there are some polished virtual phone systems like Ringcentral, that work far better than the real thing.

Benefits of a Virtual Phone System:

  • Custom Secure Phone number – Toll Free or Local(You don’t have to put your personal number on your website.)
  • Custom Ring Hours – Set your call center hours
  • Great voicemail with Voice to text options
  • Advanced Call Routing – send calls to cell phone, desk phones and ring sequentially.  This is a great feature because you can route the call to many different people.  If one person doesn’t answer, it will go to a 2nd…etc.
  • Fax Abilities
  • Text Abilities
  • Detailed Call Analytics(missed calls, volume, etc.)
  • Conferencing
  • Custom Greeting and Web Receptionists
  • Extensions
  • Hold music
  • ..and more!

You get $1000+ phone capabilities for $30/month.

I managed a completely mobile call center 3 years, running all online customer service.  In fact, I was the call center.   It was all done virtually.   I had all the best features and settings customized for my exact needs.  A customer called and got a company greeting.  They either hit an extension or held for me.  Then, the call was routed to my cell phone and I addressed customers concerns pre and post sales.   The boss could see how many calls I was getting, average length of calls and how many calls I missed.   If I knew now what I knew then, I would have routed the missed calls to a secretary somewhere.

So it’s obvious to use option #2 for todays model of a technology heavy, low overhead business.   Virtual Phone services leverage many advanced technologies to bring you Fortune 500 company features, at startup prices.

With a virtual phone system you will have your own “secretary” who works 24/7 and does everything you ask of her and provide the best online customer service as well.

by Jason Jelonek

So tell me, what are your reservations?


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